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P.M.K is established in 2006 as general Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Refining and Distribution fields. Its reputation mostly gained by executing projects without any vendor supervision in conjunction with international standards, high quality assurance and valuable human resources. Its purpose is to provide innovative and low cost solutions across the target fields supply chain, by operating with integrity and respect, working in partnership with its clients, its customers, its people and the community.

P.M.K , with relying on past worthwhile experiences and its valuable professional human resources and effective work forces as well as experience of numerous partnerships with industrial companies, has ability to accomplish turn-key projects and arrange financial assistance to its clients through its domestic and foreign resources.

Company’s Goals
  • Paying attention to the country’s requirements
  • Creation of jobs
  • Social responsibility and progress
  • Environmental considerations
  • Paying attention to the client’s requirements
  • Paying attention to the technological advance
  • Implementation of the legal requirements and instructions


Goals and Responsibilities of Project Management
  • Deployment of knowledge, skill, and tools for supply of requirements
  • The principal objectives of projects
  • Assurance about project progress along proper scheduling path
  • Assurance about project progress along proper predicted budget plan
  • Design of communication plan in the projects
  • Precise identification of critical activities
  • Accurate notification about the requirement of client and beneficiaries and project members
  • Establishing balance between different demands of project beneficiaries
  • Assurance about project implementation in accordance with the desired quality
  • Identification and mitigation of project risks and codification of program to manage them
Cultural Norms of Organization
  • Valuation of human resources
  • Provision of a viable and innovative environment for the personnel
  • Supply of recreational facilities for the personnel
  • Enhancement of scientific level
  • Ensuring job security

Via observing the above mentioned items, PARS MIAMI KAVIR Company has caused the personnel to act beyond their scope of tasks for attraction of clients’ satisfaction throughout the company’s activities in order to do whatever is needed to achieve the objectives leading to consent of the previous clients.