pars miami kavir


Thanks to its brilliant history in the field of industrial and civil projects, Pars Miami Kavir Company has always succeeded to increase its reputation as a contractor company and has obtained the satisfaction of several employers.

By recognizing the Country’s development needs and relying on its most valuable capital, which is the knowledge and experience of its managers as well as qualified and specialized human resources, and using its up-to-date machinery and equipment, this Company is able to perform all stages of execution in the related areas of activity.


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One of its most important achievements is that the competence and capability of this Company has been proven in a very short time since its establishment as it managed to complete the unfinished projects during the sanctions period without the need to presence of the aforementioned representatives.

One of the most distinctive features of this Company, compared to other competitors, is the completion of all project levels in the shortest time and the lowest price with the highest quality according to international standards, which is currently the only factor in the advancing the Company.

By proper utilization of its valuable infrastructure and participation with some other foreign and domestic companies, Pars Miami Kavir Company is able to fully implement or play a switching role its industrial and construction projects.

The Company ‘s Executive Capacity
Description Capacity Unit
Concrete R150,000 M3/year
Supply, Fabrication & Erection of Structure R20,000 Tons/year
Equipment R35,000 Tons/year
Piping R1,500,000 Inch dia/year
Electrical and instrument works R4,000 Ton/year