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Project Management and Consultation

Project Management and Consultation

Backed with valuable past experiences, and by establishment of a proper relationship with the employers based on their basic needs in the projects defined at all levels, including design, engineering, product purchasing and execution stages, and also by reliance on its professional staff and technical team, Pars Miami Kavir Company, as a member of the employers team, has equipped itself with the capability to provide planning management and consultation services while guarding profit-oriented tendencies.

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Some factors that distinguish the Company from its competitors are addressed below:

  • Speed of service delivery
  • Control and coordination of the project and execution stages
  • Control and management of time, cost and quality of project-related activities
  • Reduction of duties and responsibilities of employers
  • Continuous following-up, negotiating, motivating and coordinating meetings to resolve the problems surrounding the implementation of the project
  • Providing solutions to exit crisis in emergency cases

Other services provided in this field of activity include feasibility studies, specialized studies on risk management, financial analysis, analysis of respective contractors’ delays, and expert analysis of daily and monthly reports.