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Subject of Contract:

Execution of piping in the SMP area, including engineering, procurement, unloading, construction, execution and installation of main and secondary parts along with all testing and inspection operations in the project of Golghar Sirjan Steel and Hot Rolling Plant.

Project Scope:

Golgohar Sirjan Iron and Steel Development Company, is one of the subsidiary companies of Golgohar Mine, whose duty is to produce 3.7 million tons of sponge iron by Midrex method. The project under construction of hot-rolled steel plant with the capacity of producing 3 million tons of steel into thin slabs and hot-rolled sheets, leading to quality and commercial sheets production, is located in the industrial zone of Golgohar, 45 km from Sirjan.

Project Specs:

Project Title
Execution of steelmaking piping in the SMP area
Golgohar Co.
Mehrfam Sepahan Isfahan CO.
Project Status
Contract Model
Contract Time
12 Months
Contractual Effective Date
21st April, 2022
Contract No.