pars miami kavir


Pars Miami Kavir Company has always been able to play an important role in procurement engineering and supply of machinery, equipment, and spare parts required in the Country’s industry.

With over a decade of shining history in the field of domestic and foreign trade and holding the exclusive agency of accredited European companies in the field of oil, gas, and steel, the Company has always been a companion of the Country’s industry owners and manufacturers.


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Below are addressed some of the most distinctive characteristics of the Commercial Department of this Company:

  •  Familiarity with the most up-to-date technology in the fields of the relevant activity
  •  Commitment to the quality of supplied goods
  •  Presentation of appropriate economic solutions
  •  Providing procurement advice
  •  Providing post-purchase maintenance and utilization services
  •  Training the procurement personnel for the correct use of the products
  •  Providing after-sales service
  • Special attention to safety issues

Considering the availability of some items in its warehouse, the Company is able to deliver the following equipment at the shortest possible time:

  •  Pipes and connections
  •  Electricity and precise instruments
  •  F & G
  •  Control system packages
  •  LV & MV electrical enclosures

The commitment and capability of the experts as well as the increased demand and business services of Pars Miami Kavir Company are proof to a brilliant performance in all years of activity.