pars miami kavir

Technical and Engineering Unit

Technical and Engineering Unit One of the most prominent points in each project is an elaborate, skillful, and professional design and modeling. By developing its human resources in this field and employing committed and innovative designers and specialists in the fields of building, electricity, and precise and mechanical instruments, Pars Miami Kavir Company has achieved impressive developments.

Untitled 111The aim of Pars Miami Kavir Company in the technical and engineering unit is to provide safe, efficient, operational, and cost-effective services in such a manner that before executing any project, all the maps are reviewed at the technical unit in order to optimize time and cost of finished projects. Some services provided at this Company, which utilize the latest engineering software and are based on world standards and authentic references, are mentioned below:

• Basic design

• Detailed design

• Procurement engineering services

• Field engineering services

• Field supervision

It should be noted that Pars Miami Kavir Company offers all of the abovementioned services at the shortest execution time possible, with the lowest cost and the highest quality.