pars miami kavir

Maintenance and Repair

As the issue of utilization and maintenance of infrastructures is of paramount importance at the global level, Pars Miami Kavir Company increasingly seeks to gain expertise by updating its knowledge as to utilize and safeguard the Country’s assets. In general, the Company analyzes the data by considering the strategy of the organization and the given site, using the input data, as well as employing specialized application software in a manner that the obtained output will ultimately lead to the best decision.

Untitled 33Relying on its knowledge of proper utilization and maintenance, and holding a long-term vision to increase the useful lifespan of the Country’s infrastructures, Pars Miami Kavir Company aims to participate in projects of this nature and reduce as much as possible the need to hire the personnel of foreign manufacturers. Therefore, to advance its goals in the said field, the Company is always seeking to develop the technology available in the Country by relying on young personnel and researchers and the experiences of domestic experts.